Coke, in the bag! (literally)

Ever see a Coke sold at a roadside stand in a plastic bag? Probably not if you live in the U.S., but it’s a ubiquitous sight throughout some parts of the world — such as Central America, where the Coca-Cola company has introduced these bottle-shaped bags.

From top to bottom: Coke in a bag, different presentations of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola blends in Thai

In Central America coke is put into a plastic bags so the seller keeps the glass bottle and not charge the container to the customer. It is a practical solution to also insuring the glass bottle recycling.

When the coke in placed in the bag, it looses branding, this way  the company maintains what is arguably its most identifiable element: the classic Coke bottle.

Coca cola facts

  • First coca cola was created in 1863, but sold in 1885.
  • The word cola as part of the Coca-Cola trademark may have originated from the kola nuts that were originally used as the source of caffeine.
  • Pepsi uses the same ingredient
  • Mexico alone has 13 different presentations for Coca-cola

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