Vampire fever! The real deal.

We all know the vampire classics: They life off blood, are technically immortal, they have superpowers, if you are bit you may turn into one, affected by sunlight, and they come out funny in photos.

One fact we found new:

Vampires have to be “invited” in your home.  They sometimes can trick you into “inviting” them in so that they can attack you. But this rule can help you keep them out of your home and keep you safe.

Here are some facts we had NO Clue about vampires.. the historic ones.

  • Only female mosquitoes bite and drink blood (daily vampiress?)
  • One of the earliest accounts of vampires is found in an ancient Sumerian and Babylonian myth dating to 4,000 B.C. which describes ekimmu or edimmu (one who is snatched away). The ekimmu is a type of spirit demon who was not buried properly and has returned as a vengeful spirit to suck the life out of the living
  • Prehistoric stone monuments called “dolmens” have been found over the graves of the dead in northwest Europe. Anthropologists speculate they have been placed over graves to keep vampires from rising.
  • Egyptian goddess Sekhmet was known to drink blood.
  • The ancient fanged goddess Kaliof India also had a powerful desire for blood.
  • Chinese vampires were called a ch’iang shih (corpse-hopper) and had red eyes and crooked claws. They were said to have a strong sexual drive that led them to attack women. As they grew stronger, the ch’iang shih gained the ability to fly, grew long white hair, and could also change into a wolf.
  • Before Christianity, methods of repelling vampires included:
    • garlic,
    • hawthorn branches,
    • rowan trees (later used to make crosses)
    • scattering of seeds
    • fire
    • decapitation with a gravedigger’s spade
    • salt (associated with preservation and purity)
    • iron
    • bells
    • a rooster’s crow
    • peppermint.
  • It was also not unusual for a corpse to be buried face down so it would dig down the wrong way and become lost in the earth.
  • Mermaids can also be vampires—but instead of sucking blood, they suck out the breath of their victim

From left to right: Babilonian Ekimmu, Celtic Dolmans, Egyptian Godess Sekhmet and Chinnesse Chiang Shih.

Ready for the last movie of the Twilight Saga Ending?

Source: 40 Interesting facts about Vampires


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