600 smuggled deadly cobras

WHY!!?  According to Thailand authorities, the reptiles were destined for use in foods and traditional medicines. (video)

When laws forbid people from transporting something from one place to another, there will be those who try to do it anyway. Smuggled drugs, guns, cash, stolen goods, and immigrants are seized every day.

The industry is thought to be worth over $10 billion per year, with smugglers able to charge exorbitant prices for exotic animals. Many of the creatures die in transit, further reducing the numbers of what are frequently endangered animals.

But while this is one of the more serious environmental problems, the animal smugglers themselves can often be great for a laugh.

Smuggling Examples

Random smuggles:

  • “Sleeping” grandpa”. In this case, paying a corps transportation was too much of an issue.
  • Tiger cub in a suitcase. Because it was that easy.
  • Lizards in a teddy bear. Surprise surprise.
  • Hummigbirds tapped to undearwear. Just too weird.
  • Bids taped to socks. Classic favorite
  • Cocaine in :  oranges, a cast, and wigs
  • Turtles and snaked under garlic (to hide the smell). Smuggled for The snakes and turtles would most likely have been used to make soup and sex-enhancing drugs at their destination
  • Monkey under the hat. Needed some air for the flight from Lima to New York.

Best one:

A woman tried was caught trying to smuggle spicy sausage across the US/Mexico border in babies’ nappies. But customs inspectors rumbled her plan after becoming suspicious of the chunky nappies and found several links of chorizo inside!




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