Largest Religion Groups in the world

The largest religious group in the world is Christian (2.2 billion or 2,280,616,000 estimated in 2011) followed by muslims (1.5 billion or 1,553,188,720).

By Christian we mean all who believe that Jesus is the Messiah prophesied in the Hebrew Bible.

Jesus Christ as perceived by Christians

The major groups are:

They are ALL CHRISTIANS, but they have a little subdivision with stronger points on views on some topics like authority or styles of worship.

Muslims, have Muhammad as their spiritual leader, or prophet. They believe God, Allah,  is the creator of the universe and revleades the Qur’an (Coran) to Muhammad to guide humanity to truth and justice. Those who “submit” attain salvation.. sound familiar?

Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām. The Sacred Mosque at Mecca, Saudi Arabia

The difference, again, is in the pratice .

Muslims have five duties:

  1. Profession of faith (Shahadah); a muslim must profess his belief publicly at least once in his or her life
  2. 5 prayers a day: sunrise, early afternon, late aftenoon immediatly after sunset and before midnight (all facing the Grand Moque of Mecca
  3. Pay alms, 2,5% pf a persons wealth to the help the poor.
  4. To fast during hte lunar month of Ramadan. One must abstain from eating, drinking, smoking… from dawn until sunset; and feed at least 1 poor person.
  5. Pilgrimage to the Kaaba (the box at the Mecca towards they pray to) at least  once during his or her life.

Random fact: the largest community of muslims is not in an Arab countries.. its in Indonesia.


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