Yeti Crab

The yeti crab is so unusual that a whole new family of animal had to be created to classify it.

Kiwa hirsuta was found on the floor of the Pacific Ocean (+2km down) and south of Easter Island (The one with the heads off the coast of Argentina).

Actually a squat lobster (left), the creature dubbed the “yeti crab” (Kiwa hirsuta) was discovered in a hydrothermal vent area of the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

Why do they need the hairy-like arms?

  • to filter toxic minerals spewing forth from the vents (below on the vents)
  • catch food and minerals
  • sensors to help the blind animal find a mate

Hydrothermal vents

hydrothermal vent is a crack  in a planet’s surface from which earth  (geothermal)  heated water comes out. These vents can be on land as hot springs and geysers, or under water.

Submarine hydrothermal vents are a  fascinating, biologically productive, marine habitat. The fumes host many bacteria and plancton like microbes that are the food base for giant tube wormsclamslimpets, shrimp, and our yeti crab.

Under the sea, hydrothermal vents may form features calledblack smokers.


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