Garcia..The 8th most common last name in the US!

The most popular last name in the US is of course Smith. According to the U.S. Census bureau, the 8th on the list is Garcia, followed by Rodriguez.

This reveals what we already know, Hispanics are an important sector of the US population. Not to mention Hispanics were a major actor in Barack Obama’s win this 2012 presidential elections.

In 2010 ,there was a recorded 31.8 million Mexicans in the US, this is 63% if the Hispanic migration.The largest concentration of Mexicans is  in California, and contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles only has 1.8 million Mexicans.

Mexicans distribution in the US, 2010 by Migration Policy Insititue

On the other hand,  Asians have surpassed Hispanics as the largest wave of new immigrants to the United States.

Migration around the world facts

  • Russia is the second country with most imigrant population (mainly Uzberkistan and Kazajistan)
  • After the British and  the kiwis (NZ) India is the next biggest migration group in Australia.
  • There is an estimated 10 million Lebanese in Brazil (193 million is the stimated population of the country)
  • Germany is home to 10.7 million immigrants, representing 13.1% of the population. (mostly Poland and Turkey)
  • Saudi Arabia‘s immigrants  are 27.8% of the population.

Top Ten countries with the largest number of International Migrants


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