Did you know there are more than +20 monarchs (kings) in the world?

So prince Harry was taken, no biggy!

Truth is the England crown represents the commonwealth realms, we have some more countries with royalty.

There are close to 50 countries in the world who still are governed by monarchs, sultanes or emirates.

  • Monarchy:A form of government with a monarch at the head. A monarch is a sovereign head of state, esp. a king, queen, or emperor
  • Emirate: The rank, lands, or reign of an emir. An Emir is a Muslim (usually Arab) military commander or local chief.
  • Sultanate: A sultanate is a sultan‘s domain, the territory ruled by a sultan, just as a kingdom is a territory ruled by a king. Sultan is the name for an Islamic sovereign.

Just to mention a couple:  Thailand, Cambodia, Spain, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Jordan, Saudi Arabia.

Where monarchies — and sultanates and emirates, which are similar systems — still exist around the world. (interactive map npr.org)

When you pass the mouse over the country in the interactive map npr.org you get tiny pop-ups with extra detail (below) .


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