Seagrass, important! why?

Remember we had no clue Russia has 20% of the worlds forests?

Sea grass meadow habitat images, and an example of “dredging”

Well turns out that an average forest stores 100,000 tons of carbon per square mile and seagrass meadows can triple that. In total the ocean absorbs 25% of the worlds carbon dioxide thanks to Sea meadow‘s work.

Sea grass meadows are a specialized group of marine plants most often found in shallow, sheltered marine or estuarine waters.

Functions of sea meadows:

  • Key element in coral reef food webs
  • Benefit nearby coral reefs by reducing sediment loads in the water.
  • Serves as a home, foraging ground, and nursing area
  • Provides food and shelter for conch and spiny lobster

Sea grass in danger

Nearly a third of all sea grass known to exist 100 years ago has disappeared. Due to dredging (removing seafloor beds with machinery)  and worsening water quality, sea grass meadows are one of the planet’s most threatened ecosystems.

Just as deforestation puts terrestrial carbon back into the atmosphere, so, too, do meadow die-offs.

If we are not careful we will have more carbon in the atmosphere,  and fewer places to store it.


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