On Election day, how it works, and other presidential elections 2012

Candidates for USA 2012  Presidential elections

On November 6th, the US will decide for a second term as Democrat following Barack Obama or a return to Republican rule with Mitt Romney.

The only things they have in common are probably that:

  • they are both married
  • have children
  • and agree that humans play a role in global warming.

Random election day facts:

Random Election day facts

Barack Obama has 31 million likes on Facebook while Mitt Romney has 11 million… someone’s got the popularity vote!

Abraham Lincoln (Honest Abe) was named president on this day, November 6th 1860. (He’s on the 5 dllr bill and the 1 cent)

The method of voting is first-past-the-post, where the highest polling candidate is elected, like many countries. BUT..There is no legislative requirement that the successful candidate or party must obtain a majority (50% or more) of the vote.

This is how the presidential election in the US works:

Election in the US video

  • The elections are focused on to winning states.
  • State has a number of electors, which is basically the number of districts.
  • The candidate with a total of 270 total electors wins the national election.
  • Therefore winning certain states is important as they are “heavier” in the election even though heavier states might not have the most population. (watch this video by the common craft)

The outcome for 2012.

Barack Obama and his family (top), The Presidents Race Map (bottom)

Barack Obama won the election with 303 electors. The deciding states were Virginia, Ohio y Florida.

  • He won the majority of the women’s vote (clear about why)
  • President Barack Obama’s support among Hispanics was about 66 percent, according to polling.
  • Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and voters in Maine and Maryland approved same-sex marriage during voting on Tuesday
  • In the presidential race, an estimated one million commercials aired in nine battleground states.
  • The rival camps agreed the election was most likely to be settled — Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.
  • The long campaign’s cost soared into the billions, much of it spent on negative ads, some harshly so.
  • Twitter set a record with 31 million tweets being sent during the evening of the elections
  • The presidency is one of the most stressful jobs in the world (a list of “common” most stressful jobs)

Source: MSN news

Presidential elections worldwide 2012:

Fidel Castro, 52 years as president of Cuba (1952-2011)

  • Longest serving leader, Fidel Castro, 52 years as president of Cuba (1952-2011)
  • William Henry Harrison served the shortest term of any American president: only 30 days, 11 hours and 30 minutes. Died of pneumonia.
  • Other (not all)  presidential elections this year:

-Greece (Europe)
– Belarus (Europe)
-Rusia (Rusia)
-Iceland (Euope) (guys on fifth term now!)
– Senegal (Africa)
-South Korea (Asia)
– Yemen (Asia)
-France (Europe)
Timor-Leste (Asia-Pacific)
– Ghana (Africa)
-Finland (Europe)
-Egypt (Africa)
-Mexico (America)
-Slovenia (Europe)

Know any more? We had NO clue!

Source: http://www.electionguide.org/


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