Polar bear may need to move out

As we have already made clear, polar bears live in the north pole only, and the continuous melting of the north Pole has made the polar bear an endangered species.

Polar bears in melting ice

What if hypothecially, given the “same” type of environment.. we were to move these to the south Pole?

According to Steven Amstrup, the chief U.S. Geological Survey polar-bear researcher, bears would have a feast, because penguins and seals aren’t adapted to surface predators- the system would collapse.

“There are a million examples of invasive species introduced with good intentions that caused all sorts of damage.” (Read The camel story)

Global warming is a reality, and nothing is more clear than this interactive map by guardian.co.uk

“Arctic sea ice has reached its lowest ever recorded extent, in ‘dramatic changes’, which signal that man-made global warming is having a major impact on the polar region” Guardian.co.uk



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