Day light saving 1,2,3

Day Light Savings is adjusting clock  item by 1 hours so as to gain the added daylight on summer evenings. It is common throughout the world, check the map.

DayLight Saving in the World.
Blue: Observed, Orange: Not longer Observed, Red: Never been observed

Since 2007, Daylight Saving started at 2AM on the 2nd Sunday of March and ended on the first Sunday of Nov.

The point is to :

– Conserve energy

– Add daylight to evenings and have retailing, sports, and other activities exploit sunlight after working hours

Facts about daylight savings:

  • Originally proposed by George Vernon Hudson, a New Zealand entomologist in 1895.
  • Starting on 30 April 1916, Germany and its World War I allies were the first to use DST (GermanSommerzeit) as a way to conserve coal during wartime.
  • Winston Churchill, american ex president,  argued that it enlarges “the opportunities for the pursuit of health and happiness among the millions of people who live in this country”
  • In some Muslim countries DST is temporarily abandoned during Ramadan (the month when no food should be eaten until sunset), since the DST would delay the evening dinner.
  • Japan (1 time zone) , China (5 time zones) nor Russia (11 time zones) change its time during summer months
  • Countries who do not observe Daylight savings, stay on Standard time.
  • Russia stopped observing Daylight savings in 2011
  • Ecuador does not deviate from standard time (On the Ecuador, significant changes are not noticed)
  • Most European countries have their equivalent called “summer-time period” .

If you are in the US, except for Arizona or Hawaii, before yo go to sleep tonight, wind back your clocks 1 hour to go back to standard time!


Greenwich is the meridian cero, time everywhere is + or – this place. For instance the east coast in the us is -5 from Greenwhich and so on.

Time starts is the Internatonal Date Line, on the 180th meridian. By saying time “starts” means they are the first ones to celebrate the New Year. The New Year starts from New Zealand to the left and keeps on adding up. From New Zealand to the right is yesterday, meaning people there on the left always live “tomorrow”, America needs to wait for “time” to go around the world.


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