Creepy cemeteries

Ever wonder were old airplanes, dolls and retired Ben and Jerrys ice cream flavors lie to rest?

From top to bottom.
Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (Arizona, USA)
Toy graveyard (Normandy, France)
The Flavor Graveyard (Vermont, USA)

Airplane Boneyards.

 These graveyard are the most popular satellite pictures online (Google Earth).

  • Most famous in the Southwestern United Stated deserts (Arizona, texas, california and New Mexico) because the dry conditions reduce corrosion.
  • There are guided tours of the area
  • The boneyard featured in this article has been used in recent Hollywood movies.
  • Lined up in rows like countless headstones. wait to be taken out of retirement or used as scarp metal.
  • More artistic pictures here.

Toy graveyard in France.

People leave old (mostly creepy dolls) and some people go there and collect them.

The Flavor Graveyard.

Shelved ice cream flavors are featured here “Oh Pear”, “Economic crunch”, “coffee coffee, buzz buzz buzz” and many more.

Graveyard or Cemetery?

FYI graveyard and cemetery are understood the same, but technically:

  • graveyards are by churches
  • whilst cemetery’s can be large and public

One of the most famous cemeteries is Père-Lachaise in Paris it has personalities like Marcel Proust, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde,  Édith Piaf, Marcel Marceau, Frederic Chopin, Sarah Bernhardt, and Honore de Balzac. More famous (but normal) cemeteries

Source: Readers Digest


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