Feeling lucky? Win a chinesse license plate!

Source: Wang Jianshuo

Did you complain today on your way to work? The most impressive traffic jam lasted nine days, for more than 60 miles in Beijing! It was because of road maintenance, but Chinese cities are choking on traffic.

The number of cars has more choking on traffic- the number of cars has more than doubled since 2007- governments are struggling to prevent permanent gridlock.

Beijing has chosen the radical solution of holding a lottery for 20,000 license plates each month, with about 900,000 total applicants. That’s forcing Beijingers to take counter measures. Some enroll family members to boost their odds; others buy cars registered in neighboring cities. Shanghai auctions plates at $10,000 each, while other cities are raising downtown parking fees or building subway lines.

In Cangzhou, Chinese police check counterfeit license plates as part of campaign against illegal vehicles.

Chinas gridlock seems unavoidable given trends in Chinas development.

Source: National Geographic


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