LED lights can last over 20 years!

The LED light has been lighting up city streets and decorating Christmas trees for half a century.

It was invented in October 1862, 50 years ago by Nick Holonyak.

LEDs (Light emotting diode) power: christmas lights, tvs, the brake lights from your car.

LED’s are electronic lights, not thermal (like the first light bulb), so they are faster and more cost effective; they produce electronic light.

How it works, there is a positive current and a negative (diode) separated by a gap, when energy flows, it produces light. Depending on the material used for the diode, it takes on color, like red, green or even blue. LED light bulbs have come a long way and last up to 22 years!

Evolution of light. From Dark to LED. Last three: Incandescent (1910, energy efficient), CFL (1980, 50% energy efficient), LED (2010, 90% more energy efficient).


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