Insects or Bugs

A bug is a type of insect. Like lady-bug or stink bug. As a rule of thumb, 6 legs is an insect, 8 legs is a spider. Centipedes can have as “little” as 30 legs, not necessarily the whole 100 foot-set.

Main characteristics of an insect:

– Insects have segmented bodies (3 parts, head, body, tail), jointed legs, and external skeletons (exoskeletons).
– They have 6 legs
– It is estimated to be 5-10 million living insect species.
– The orders that contain the greatest numbers of species are Beetles (Coleoptera), Butterflies and Months (Lepidoptera), Ants, bees, wasps (Hymenoptera), and flies (Diptera).

Other facts:

– World’s biggest insect is so huge it eats carrots , cricket like, take a look

– Smalles insect is called a “fairyfly” and it’s about  0.139 mm in length

Courtesy of Etsy


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