Where are these Tomb Raiders temples?

All Tomb Raider fans!  Welcome to Cambodia (Check out video)

Ever wondered where Angelina Jolie was running around? This place is one of the temples at Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat (“city of temples”) is a huge complex in Siem Reap Cambodia. Cambodia is below Vietnam and above Thailand and is one of the three regions that has pyramids and temples (Mexico and Egypt the other two regions).

These temples are hindu and were build in the 12th century during the Khmer empire.

Abandonded during the 16th century it was re-discovered in the 19th century  all covered by vegetation, its is now an UNESCO world heritage site.

Cambodian people are so proud of this site that it the main temple is in their national flag.

Row (1) Tomb Raider scene at Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom temple.
Row (2) Temples hidden in the forest. Angkor Wat Northern Gate
Row (3) Angkor Wat at sunrise and from a distance.


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