Puerto Rico meets the USA

From top to bottom: Puerto Rican Flag, Images of the Spanish-American war, boricuas we know and love Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez and Benicio del Toro.

Ever wondered how Puerto Rico became part of the US?

Well, here’s why!

By 1895 Spain had rule only over Cuba, and had the fame of being quite oppressive  The situation gained American sympathy and made Spain give it up along with other territories- through war.

The Spanish-American war had as a result  the Treaty of Paris (signed Dec. 10, 1898). This treaty made Spain renounce all claim to Cuba,  and ceded Guam and Puerto Rico to the US. And that’s not all, they also  transferred sovereignty over the Philippines to the United States.

This treaty is important because:

1. It ended Spanish colonial rule in the Americans and let them focus on their internal issues.

2. The U.S. acquired territories in the western Pacific and Latin America and got new stake in international politics.


Puerto Ricans do have an american passport and are often called “boricuas” because of the name Borikén, the islands indigenous Taíno name.

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Puerto Rico in the world by topuertorico


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