Moby Dick is how old?

Melville, Herman: book jacket for “Moby Dick” (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Moby Dick, the story of a poor sailor caught in a crazy captains vendetta – to kill Moby Dick, a white sperm whale- was written 161 years ago!

It was written by an American novelist Herman Melville and it is his best known work.












The book stands out for its incredible detail in description and the journey the captain forces his crew in to.

“…the work is an intense, superbly authentic narrative of New England whaling. The novel’s richly symbolic language and convincingly imagined tragic hero, are indicative of Melville’s deeper concerns: the equivocal defeats and triumphs of the human spirit and its fusion of creative and murderous urges. (Encyclopedia Britannica)”

This book influenced a lot of peoples conception of whales, enticing fear and aimless killing, drastically lowering the number of species like the gray whale .


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