Cheating Death

Jiroemon Kimura, 115, the oldest man on Earth by World Guiness

Jiroemon Kimura, who was born in April 1897, is the last known man to live across three centuries.

If he lives until 27 December 2012, he will become the oldest man ever documented. (BBC)

According to  The Changing Body,

So far the maximal capacity of human longevity has been restricted by limited diet and lifetime health insults. But human beings may live up to 130 years if they are well fed and if there were no health insults over the lifetime.

We can’t really live forever… but this brings a thought, the “inmortal” jellyfish called Turritopsis nutricul

This jellyfish, if it were free from all predators and its environment was kept nice and clean, it is biologically made to live forever. This jellyfish repeats its life cycle indefinetly and “ages backward”  (National Geographic). It’s able to to this  by reactivating genetic programs that were used in earlier stages of the life cycle and  it turns one type of cell into another as needed.

Quite nifty!

This dime-sized jellyfish shines light to new possibilities in re-genitive medicine.


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