Plastic Island- Not a vacation spot.

Ever wonder where the plastic bottles in the ocean end up? Well here’s a hint, at The Great Pacific Garbage patch. It is technically called a gyre, where currents meet and form a whirlpool, so trash gets trapped here and some plastics will not break down in 100 years.

There are 5 of these gyres, the most common one is the Great Pacific one (North Pacific) with an area twice the size of Texas. The rest are located in: the South Pacific, South Atlantic, North Atlantic, Indian Ocean.

The issue here is that animals eat these plastics and we end up eating the animals. We hurt the environment and at the end ourselves.Water from rivers and lakes all end up one way or another into the ocean,  just because you don’t live by the ocean, doesn’t mean you don’t contribute.

Get the big picture

Throw your trash responsibly!



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