Snails are nocturnal- if they’re out.. you def should be!

Here are some cool facts on Snails!

  • Snails are nocturnal
  • They also are vegetarian
  • Have an average life span of 15 years.. if they’re not eaten first!
  • The largest land snail recorded weighed  2 pounds and was 15 inches long! (about the size of your forearm)

African snail

  • The tentacles that stick out from the head of a snail are the snail’s eyes.
  • Land snails have two sets of tentacles that stick out, the longer set of tentacles are the ones that have the snail’s eyes. This way they can move their tentacles around to get the best view.

Earth snail eyes and tentacles

  • Water snails, on the other hand, have eyes at the tentacles’ base and they have only one pair of tentacles..



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