The new world: Discovered by Italians, Baptized by Germans, and Financed by Spanish and Portuguese.

A day like this in 1492 Columbus arrived to America (technically Honduras).

Columbus was Italian, he believed he could get to India without having to go all around Africa.

He went around with his idea and it was the monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile (who united territories from Spain and Portugal) that believed in his idea and financed his voyage to “India” – BIG surprise.

Years later, another Italian explorer called “Amerigo Vespucci” joins a voyage to america and on his return writes reports about the new world. His work gets in the hands of German cartographer and teacher  Martin Waldseemuller who proposed calling the new world, “America”. This proposal reaches and  the man who made the atlas, Gerardus Mercator. He then names the new world America– and the natives who lived there americans.

Columbus taking possession

And this is how the new world was discovered by Italians  baptized by Germans , and financed and directed by Spanish and Portuguese.

So then, why is Portuguese only spoken in Brazil??


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