Venezuelas new president (and by this meaning old)

The most common term limit worldwide is two consecutive terms, some, like Mexico and Philippines, do not allow consecutive terms.

Hugo Chavez will be on his third consecutive term now,  leading him to a 20 years in power when his term is over in 2019.

Some facts regarding presidential terms:

–       Longest serving leader, Fidel Castro, 52 years as president of Cuba (1952-2011)

–       William Henry Harrison served the shortest term of any American president: only 30 days, 11 hours and 30 minutes. Died of pneumonia.

All eyes will be on Chavez’s health again– Speaking of other re-elections, eyes on the US, its election year!

Other (not all)  presidential elections this year:

-Greece (Europe)
– Belarus (Europe)
-Rusia (Rusia)
-Iceland (Euope) (guys on fifth term now!)
– Senegal (Africa)
-South Korea (Asia)
– Yemen (Asia)
-France (Europe)
-Timor-Leste (Asia-Pacific)
– Ghana (Africa)
-Finland (Europe)
-Egypt (Africa)
-Mexico (America)
-Slovenia (Europe)

Know any more? We had NO clue!



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