Not really called that: Proprietary Eponyms

Band-Aid, Frisbee, Jell-O, Kleenex, Post-it, Q-tip, Vaseline, Jacuzzi, Walkman… All Eponyms!

Eponym: One for which something is or is believed to be named.

We should be really saying adhesive bandage, plastic concave disk, gelatin, paper tissues, sticky notepad, cotton swab, petrolatum, whirlpool bath, portable cassette player, and lots of more funnier names.

Brands don’t seem to mind it though, their product is THE reference for a product type, nothing like word-of-mouth.

Discover one and let us know it!

Examples of daily used eponyms: vaseline, frisbree, post-it, walkman, q-tip, kleenex, band-aid.


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